Campus Environment

Campus Environment

The famous Italian educator Loris Malaguzzi said that education is composed of complex interactive relations, and only the participation of various elements in the "environment" is the decisive factor for the realization of many interactive relations.

The environment is the third teacher of our children. Children learn actively by interacting with environment. Therefore, it is our educational mission to create an inspiring, challenging and interesting learning environment for children.

Novel And Unique Design Concept

We strive to make the structural space of the kindergarten educationally functional and at the same time reflect the architectural aesthetics. Since the start of kindergarten project, we have had extensive and in-depth discussions with local and international architects and education experts. We have discussed how to present equal, open, pluralistic and enthusiastic educational ideas in architectural aesthetics, and how to integrate the merits of Chinese and Western culture, so that every inch of space has educational significance.

We use curves to soften the edges and corners of the wall, blurring the indoor and outdoor boundaries, and integrating the first floor corridor with the outdoor activity area. It breaks through the monotonous vertical division of buildings in the past, and turns it into a dynamic space that coincides with the children's vigorous vitality. It inspires their endless desire for exploration and imagination.Compared with colorful buildings and spaces, children prefer natural materials and atmosphere. Therefore, we have abandoned the deliberate stacking of many materials and colors, instead, we use the natural tone of concrete and wood as the base, and we use light and shade to create a harmonious and orderly space. A warm and dignified school environment can calm the children's mind then children can naturally respect and be in awe of the people and things around them.

Rich And Interesting Outdoor Playground

Children are born to love nature. The environment of the kindergarten is integrated with the surrounding area. The semi enclosed design naturally introduces the adjacent park landscape and abundant sunshine.

Playing is a natural part of being a child. Through playing, children can actively construct meaning from their interaction with the natural world and human society. We provide children with an outdoor area which is full of adventure, challenge and interest. Children walk through it like they are in a changing playground. It contains their favorite amusement equipment: an interesting slide, climbing rope and net, natural sand area, thrilling hills, and the changing curve wall which is easy play to hide-and-seek.

You don't need to worry about the safety of your child because all our equipment has passed the German TUV certification and it meets the world's highest level of children's playground safety standards. Children can enjoy running, playing, the sunshine and rain, exploring the nature of plants, trees, sand and stones. They will develop their sports skills, sense of balance and coordination, and have a confident and positive mentality through playing.

Warm And Elegant Classroom

The bright floor-to-ceiling windows, with light and shade penetrating it make the indoor space appear more layered with the change of time and it brings the outdoor natural landscape into the interior. The soft and elegant logs and beige tone colors enable the natural atmosphere to blend in and it adds a continuous touch of warmth and elegance to the classroom. At the same time, our teachers carefully divide and design different learning areas, they provide abundant learning materials, and create an inviting environment to attract children to be active explorers.

Interesting Function Room

The library is like a fairy tale world, it is designed with transparent glass, so that sunlight and shade can pierce through it freely. The library is full of picture books and the smell of books and poetry permeates it. Here is the world of reading for children, where they can freely learn, acquire knowledge and enjoy the pleasure of reading.
Children's Theatre
The Children's Theatre is a platform for children to show themselves. It is a solemn and calm atmosphere to contrast children's innocence and creativity. And different forms of performance will be hold here.
Creative art world
Children are born artists. Artistic creation is an important way to share culture, convey meaning and develop self-consciousness. In the creative art world, a space full of artistic expression, children can freely express their creativity, express their inner spirituality using artistic language. It stimulates their potential creativity, and cultivates their aesthetic lifestyle.
STEAM Science Museum
Children will become "little scientists" here they learn to cooperate with each other, think like scientists, and flexibly use various materials for scientific experiments, in order to verify their ideas and express their thoughts and discoveries. At the same time, children can also use advanced modern technology to find the necessary information to help them realize their dream of being "little scientists".
Fun food studio
This is an interdisciplinary comprehensive practice space, which has rich and diverse ingredients, small and complete utensils. This space integrates art, nutrition, science and etiquette. It is also an important carrier of culinary education. Making delicious food is like traveling. We can find surprises from the details. We guide children to amuse themselves, love and enjoy their life.

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