Enrichment Curriculum

Children's self-exploration and experience are indispensable in their growth. By offering an enriching curriculum, we provide children with the opportunity to explore and think about special topics. They can perceive their own abilities, explore their potential, and fully demon-strate their leadership, innovative and cooperative spirit in addition to the regular courses and other activities. Our enrichment courses include but are not limited to:

Community Practice

In this activity, children will have the opportunity to visit various com-munity organizations, such as banks, large supermarkets, fire control centers, museum, etc., in order to help children understand the social division of labor and cultivate social service awareness.

Special Events

In order to help children fully understand the importance of various festivals in different cultures, we will cultivate the children's festival awareness through games, music and creation in this curriculum to increase their ritual sense of life and appreciate and en-courage their interest in the beauty of daily life.

Let's Play

This is a curriculum that provides children with unlimited free exploration opportunities. During this period, children can freely choose to go to any area or activity room in the school to experience and explore.

Dietary and Nutritional Education

“Life is education.” Dietary and nutritional education is an education that returns to the origin of life. Through planting, baking, sharing meals and oth-er activities, children can understand different food cultures, develop elegant food habits and understand the significance of life skills education.


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