Management Team

Management Team

The establishment of a first-class international bilingual kindergarten requires a team that really loves education, their firm determination and unwavering commitment. The goal of our management team is to put international, cutting-edge and scientific educational theories into practice in China.

Ricqle Wei

School Chief Principal

Ricqle Wei graduated from Beijing Normal University with a master's degree in Preschool Education Theory and Practice. Since graduation, she has been engaged in international kindergarten teaching and administrative management for nearly fifteen years. Ricqle Wei has led her team to not only pass the evaluation of both city & district level kindergarten, but also attain the authorization of IBO World School. With her rich teaching and research experience, she has presided over the research of both Shenzhen and Futian district projects. Also, she has won the awards: Top Ten Preschool Teachers, Advanced Educators and Advanced Individuals in Education for Futian District, Shenzhen. Her thesis also won many awards at city-wide and national academic conferences, which is highly recognized by peers in the education sector.

Helena Wang

School Principal

Helena Wang is a senior educator who has been deeply engaged in early childhood education for 20 years. Before joining King's Kindergarten, she worked at Kindergarten (Shenzhen) for more than 10 years. She was in charge of administrative work, especially at empowering team members, inspiring them to feel the meaning and value of their work, and encouraging them obtain professional happiness, thus making the teacher team a supporter of children's development and a transmitter of happiness.

Millie Chen

Principal Assistant (Curriculum Coordinator)

Millie Chen focuses on the teaching of IB PYP program and is actively devoted to the management and development of the curriculum in international schools. With her personal efforts, she moved from a head teacher to a management position and currently works as curriculum coordinator in King's Kindergarten. During her college years, she participated in the Singapore exchange program. As a result, she was inspired by international education, accumulated teaching experience, and strengthened her belief in the utmost professional love for children which has helped her to become an open-minded and empowering educator.

Nana Su

Principal Assistant

Nana Su, principal assistant, graduated from Shantou University Medicine College with a clinical medecine bachelor's degree. Since graduation, she has been worked in kindergarten health care logistics management for more than ten years. She has rich experience in children's health care management, safety management, property management and security management, which is widely recognized and praised by parents. The kindergarten where she used to work has been rated as "Shenzhen Health Care Kindergarten" for plenty of times. In the future, Nana Su will continue her work closely with parents and kindergarten to foster the healthy growth of children.

Annie Zhang

Chinese Curriculum Coordinator

Annie has a rich experience in education and teaching and has been engaged in preschool education for more than ten years. She has been selected as "Futian District Advanced Individual" and "Futian District Excellent Class Teacher" for many consecutive years. Throughout her journey as an educator Annie has been committed to carrying out IB PYP international courses. She has worked hard to create an inclusive learning space for children, create an inquisitive atmosphere that focuses on problem solving and continues to provide children with high-quality learning experiences, so that children can play while learning. Annie always upholds the enthusiasm for preschool education and insists on professionalism, and builds a learner community with the Kings team so that we can all grow together.

Cassie Lee

Admissions Supervisor

Cassie Lee is currently the admissions supervisor at King's Kindergarten. She used to work in IB and Montessori kindergartens. She has conducted in-depth research on international early education courses, organized and participated in many national early education forums or foreign early education exchange programs. Through these experiences she has accumulated a lot of theoretical and practical experience. Cassie Lee upholds the concept of child-oriented learning, she devotes herself to promoting the establishment of cooperative partnership among children, families and schools, and actively advocates a harmonious educational ecology in the homeland to jointly protect the growth of children.

Jean-Claude David

Curriculum Coordinator

A citizen of both the United States and France, Jean-Claude graduated from American University in Washington D.C. in 2017 with a major in Asian Studies and Chinese, and earned his United States Teaching License in 2023. Jean-Claude has been teaching English in China since 2018. He believes in a having high student standards of education within a student-centered classroom, and maintaining a positive, caring learning environment to empower students for self-motivated learning, as well as a high emphasis on international and open-minded content to give students the most powerful and enriching experience for success.


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