Vision and Mission

Our Vision

We endevour to create an environment where children are happy learners. Where teachers' professional ambitions are demonstrated and promoted so that everyone in the learning community can work hand in hand and become the pioneers of the future.

We have gathered a group of like-minded teachers who are educated in international education. They collaborate new learning and teaching models in their teaching practice in response to changes in the world. We actively empower each teacher's work, learning and growth. We support teachers in their professional development to become more integrated in knowledge and practice in order to provide valuable contributions to the educational environment.

Adhering to an equal and open attitude, we are willing to establish strategic partnerships with parents. We pay attention to the value and sustainable development of the education environment. We actively learn from the world's leading and scientific education concepts to jointly promote the healthy development of young children.

Our Mission

To build an equal, open, diverse and enthusiastic community of learners , where the interaction of learning and teaching nurtures the children to grow into creative, happy, intercultural communicators who are understanding and become cooperative lifelong learners.

At King's Kindergarten, we strive to enable every child to gain a meaningful and valuable learning experience, to acquire all kinds of vital skills, and grow into a self-driven lifelong learner. We aim to:

  • Create a diverse and challenging full-immersion bilingual learning environment;
  • Create real, safe, and inspiring learning spaces;
  • Build a learning community rooted in Chinese local culture, integrated international courses and gather multicultural values;
  • Support inquiry based learning beyond disciplines to promote children's social and emotional development and academic growth.

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