Q. Where is the location of King's?

We are located at Jingtian 5th North street, right next to Jingtian Primary school in Xiangmi Lake Area of central Futian district.

Q. What kind of kindergarten is us?

King's Kindergarten is a private kindergarten. We promote bilingual education under international curriculum framework. The school is ran by a well-experienced professional management team.

Q. How about our teacher?

All of our teachers hold bachelor's degree or above. 80% of our teachers graduated from education major, 1/3 have overseas teaching and studying experiences.

All the teachers have teaching experiences in international schools and institutes. Our foreign teachers come from English speaking countries, and are eligible to teach in China.

All the foreign teachers have more than 2 years experience in early childhood education. We also have single subject teachers specializing on STEAM, Arts, and Physical education.

Q. How about our student-teacher ratio?

Classrooms of different ages are varied in student numbers. Student numbers can be 20 to 28 from toddler to K2 room.

There are 4 teacher/staff in each room, including one Chinese homeroom teacher, one Foreign homeroom teacher, one English coordinate teacher and one collaborative staff.

Q. When will we be opened for admission? How to apply?

We will be officially opened and welcomed our students in September 2020. Please follow us on WeChat Official Account “金生教育” to reserve a consulting appointment.
Once we are opened for admission, the online admission will be available. Families can apply for King's via our official website or WeChat Official Account.

Q. Is King's still under construction? How do we guarantee a safe and clean environment?

We have started the interior construction since August 2019, the classroom construction has finished already. We are now focusing on exterior and hallway construction. All the construction and decoration will be done within June 2020. We will be officially opened in September. 

Safety and quality is our priority. All the materials and furnitures are imported and quality verified. We also have fresh air system to ensure a safe, clean environment for children. Once the construction is finished, we will invite professional team to appraise our environment condition. The result will be opened to the public by then.

Q. What age group do we take? Do we have household registration restriction?

We will open Pre-K (2-3 years old), K1 (3-4 years old), K2 (4-5 years old) and K3 (5-6 years old). We do not have any restrictions on household registration or nationality.

Q. What is our pedagogy?

We will be using International Baccalaureate Baccalaureate® primary years programme (IB PYP) as our curriculum framework. We take one teacher, one language policy to support children's bilingual development; the English teacher will be working with children in the classroom throughout the whole day. In addition, King's has enhanced learning time including early reading, creative Arts, physical education, STEAM lessons, baking lessons to support children's development.

Q. Do we have school bus service?

Currently, we do not have school bus service. In spite of that, we have a temporary parking space for drop-off and pick-up.

Q. How much outdoor time do children have?

Students's outdoor time is no less than 2 hours per day as weather permits. Children are getting the maximum benefit when they have enough outdoor experiences.

In King's, we have more than 2,500 square meters outdoor space, and we will adding mini beach, water pool, climbing hills, slides, natural hills and grassland to meet varied needs for children.

Q. What do children eat?

We provide breakfast, morning fruits, lunch and afternoon snack. Our menu includes cuisines from different cultures. We have on-set physician to ensure the food nutrition and safety, on-set chef to prepare our diet.
On festivals or special days, we will experience cultural diversity by sharing food from different area in the world.


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