Management Team

Management Team

The establishment of a first-class international bilingual kindergarten requires a team that really loves education, their firm determination and unwavering commitment. The goal of our management team is to put international, cutting-edge and scientific educational theories into practice in China.

Ricqle Wei

School Chief Principal

Ricqle Wei graduated from Beijing Normal University with a master's degree in Preschool Education Theory and Practice. Since graduation, she has been engaged in international kindergarten teaching and administrative management for nearly fifteen years. Ricqle Wei has led her team to not only pass the evaluation of both city & district level kindergarten, but also attain the authorization of IBO World School. With her rich teaching and research experience, she has presided over the research of both Shenzhen and Futian district projects. Also, she has won the awards: Top Ten Preschool Teachers, Advanced Educators and Advanced Individuals in Education for Futian District, Shenzhen. Her thesis also won many awards at city-wide and national academic conferences, which is highly recognized by peers in the education sector.

Helena Wang

School Principal

Helena Wang is a senior educator who has been deeply engaged in early childhood education for 20 years. Before joining King's Kindergarten, she worked at Kindergarten (Shenzhen) for more than 10 years. She was in charge of administrative work, especially at empowering team members, inspiring them to feel the meaning and value of their work, and encouraging them obtain professional happiness, thus making the teacher team a supporter of children's development and a transmitter of happiness.

Millie Chen

Principal Assistant (Curriculum Coordinator)

Millie Chen focuses on the teaching of IB PYP program and is actively devoted to the management and development of the curriculum in international schools. With her personal efforts, she moved from a head teacher to a management position and currently works as curriculum coordinator in King's Kindergarten. During her college years, she participated in the Singapore exchange program. As a result, she was inspired by international education, accumulated teaching experience, and strengthened her belief in the utmost professional love for children which has helped her to become an open-minded and empowering educator.


Principal Assistant ( Logistics Coordinator)

Liang Xiuqing is a senior preschool education teacher and is currently the logistics coordinator of King's Kindergarten. She has over 10 years of kindergarten teaching experience, and has been in contact with IB courses for more than seven years. She has her own unique insight into international cutting-edge education concepts. Ms.Liang is especially good at children's art,  teaching, cultivating and inspiring children's perception of the beauty of art. At the same time, she also has a rich accumulation in logistics management. In the future, she will devote herself to build an international kindergarten centered on children with a sense of professional mission and enthusiasm for preschool education.

Cassie Lee

Admissions Supervisor

Cassie Lee is currently the admissions supervisor at King's Kindergarten. She used to work in IB and Montessori kindergartens. She has conducted in-depth research on international early education courses, organized and participated in many national early education forums or foreign early education exchange programs. Through these experiences she has accumulated a lot of theoretical and practical experience. Cassie Lee upholds the concept of child-oriented learning, she devotes herself to promoting the establishment of cooperative partnership among children, families and schools, and actively advocates a harmonious educational ecology in the homeland to jointly protect the growth of children.

Fetsum Tibebu

English Adiministration Director

Originally from Detroit, Michigan, Fetsum brings with him over ten years of experience in early childhood education, a passion that has led him around the world. Since 2014, Fetsum has been working with multi-cultural teaching teams in Shenzhen to create dynamic and collaborative work environments that focus around student experience and exploration. Fetsum believes that with a safe, encouraging environment, young learners can take risks, ask questions, and become the global citizens of tomorrow. Fetsum is looking forward to working with the team at King's Kindergarten to create the future of education in Shenzhen.

Leigh Simmons

Curriculum Coordinator

Originally from the United Kingdom, Leigh has over seven years of teaching experience from around the world, working as a teacher in the UK, the Middle East and as a Kindergarten teacher in Shenzhen, China. With a BA in English from Goldsmith's University of London and a Teaching Certificate from Moreland University in the USA, Leigh is driven by a deep passion for creating multi-cultural learning environments that focus on student-led education. Leigh believes that the best way to create life-long learners is through inquiry-based lessons that push students to take risks and discover the world around them with their own natural curiosity. Leigh is really excited to work with King's Kindergarten and create the leaders of tomorrow.


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