Curriculum Introduction

King's kindergarten will set up curriculum that is relevant to our school mission. Our curriculum if of a high standard that adheres to strict requirements, we are committed to providing children with an interesting and challenging inquiry based curriculum. The curriculum will be child centred. By creating an inspiring and interactive learning environment, children can actively participate in their learning atmosphere. This ensures that children can actively think, ask questions and maintain a high degree of curiosity and thirst for knowledge. This will enable the children to make great progress in the physical, social and cognitive aspects of their lives.

At the same time, we fully respect the thoughts and choice of children, we encourage them to make independent decisions, we help them become lifelong learners who are creative, happy and have a cross-cultural communicative ability and a cooperative spirit.

King's kindergarten plans to introduce an internationally renowned education curriculum. It will guide children to carry out interdisciplinary learning in a suitable way for their development, and break the boundaries of traditional disciplines. We will focus on the six transdisciplinary themes of "knowing ourselves", "expressing ourselves" and "organizing ourselves",  etc. We will integrate it with the kindergarten education content which is required by the local government, and build our unique LEAD culture. We will guide children to be kind, loving, diverse and to take initiative of their learning to help them lay a foundation for their excellent lives in the future.

One Teacher One Language

One teacher, one language: an immersion language learning strategy

Bilingual learning is the key to the development of children's understanding of intercultural communication, and it's also an important symbol to shape talents with an international vision. Therefore, we have implemented the policy of "one teacher, one language" to create a natural immersion learning environment for children in both Chinese and English, and to integrate the language atmosphere into every detail of children's learning.

Our teaching team includes Chinese and English professional teachers, who will act as guides for the children's language learning. They will work closely with each other to provide children with interesting, relevant, challenging and important interdisciplinary learning activities so that children's bilingual ability can be fully developed.

Learning Experience

Social Emotion:
We value the important stage of forming a sense of security and optimistic attitude in preschool. By creating a warm and harmonious social atmosphere, children can fully feel cared for and respected, thus forming a positive and stable emotions and develop their social ability and emotional management skills.
Language Development
Language is not only a tool of communication, but also a way of reflecting someone's logical thinking. Preschool is an important period for a person to develop their language skills, especially oral skills. We encourage children to have bilingual interactions with their teachers, to engage in the beauty and charm of language.We encourage children to be willing to listen, and then enjoy communication, and be good at expressing their own views and opinions.
Mathematical Thinking
The ability of logical thinking is the basis of exploring the unknown. We adopt a method suitable for children's thinking development, which can help them understand some basic core concepts in mathematics and build a basic logical framework. It's a way to lay a good foundation for dealing with more complex logical problems in their future.
Scientific Education
Science is the key to understanding the world. We will guide children to translate their natural curiosity into the desire for in-depth inquiry. We will guide them to observe and perceive their surrounding more carefully and practice their critical thinking ability. We encourage them to boldly ask questions and independently find ways to solve problems.
Health Education
Having a healthy body is the foundation of growth. We aim to help children develop good personal hygiene habits, improve their ability to protect themselves and develop a healthy lifestyle that will benefit them throughout their lives. In order to stimulate children to actively participate in physical activities, enhance their physique, and improve their physical fitness, we have set up a variety of health activities that are suitable for young children.
Art Education
The perception of beauty is an indispensable ability. We will create a full immersion art atmosphere for children, and develop their appreciation of the beauty of life, natural beauty and artistic expression in the learning space.

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